Why does ABFS exist?

To Improve your Revenue Cycle by
Accelerating Payment

Advance Benefit Funding Sources (ABFS) is a proven solution improving your daily cash flow needs, while eliminating your administrative burden. ABFS resolves the waiting period associated with prescription drug claim reimbursements and our contracted pharmacies receive next-day funding. Because your pharmacy’s receivables are processed for eligibility daily through ABFS, your payments are prompt and predictable. Also, knowing when you will be paid and how much provides greater cash flow predictability.

ABFS’ line of credit is simple: no origination fees and no prepayment penalties.

  • Line of Credit based on your annual claim volume
  • Next-day Funding for Third Party Reimbursements
  • Eliminate your Outstanding A/R Collections
  • Predictable and Reliable Reimbursements
  • Unified Reporting between your PIS, Switch and PBM